Lessons Learnt from COVID-19- remote work from home

The outbreak of Covid-19 forced a massive, unprecedented shift to working from home — in most cases, on a faster timetable than any of us would have recommended or signed up for prior to the pandemic.

The situation is changing quickly with widespread impacts. We’ve prepared some general guidance onCOVID-19: What US business leaders should know: crisis management and response, workforce, operations and supply chain, financial reporting, tax and trade, and strategy and brand.

Most companies already have business continuity plans, but those may not fully address the fast-moving and unknown variables of an outbreak like COVID-19. Typical contingency plans ensure operational effectiveness following events like natural disasters, cyber incidents and power outages, among others. They don’t generally take into account the widespread quarantines, extended school closures and added travel restrictions that may occur in the case of a health emergency.


What we learnt from Covid-19
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What we learnt from Covid-19
The rapid increase of coronavirus cases in the world has urged governments to impose lockdown measures whereby malls, shopping centers, churches, mosques, schools and universities were closed and employees were asked to work remotely until further notice. Against this backdrop, a rapid demand on connectivity has risen which has put telcos in the spotlight.
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