Logitech’s MX Master Keys should be your choice!

The Premium Keyboard & Mouse for Pakistan Businesses.

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Logitech MX Keys

This new keyboard from Logitech inherits a lot from the company’s previous top-of-the-line keyboard aimed at creatives, the Logitech Craft keyboard. It looks and feels a lot like the premium Craft — minus the dial that Logitech placed at the top of that keyboard, which worked with companion software to offer a variety of different controls for a number of different applications.

The Craft’s dial was always a bit of a curiosity, and while probably extremely useful for certain creative workflows, where having a tactile dial control makes a lot of sense (for scrubbing a video timeline during editing, for instance), in general the average user probably isn’t going to need or use it much.

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The MX Keys doesn’t have the Craft’s dial, and it takes up less space on your desk as a result. costing 7000 PKR less than the Craft, which is probably something most people would rather have than the unique controller.

The MX Keys still have excellent feel, automatic back light and ease of use.

with a built in Battery and up to 10 days use whilst enabling the back light and 5 months without., No wonder the Logitech’s MX is a prudential buy for all businesses.

For connectivity, you get both Bluetooth and Logitech’s USB receiver. Which also can connect to other Logitech devices like the MX Master series of mice.

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The keyboard can connect to up to three devices at once, with dedicated buttons to switch between them. Supporting all operating systems, The Logitech MX is a not to miss product.

When you’re using the MX Keys in tandem with the MX Master 3 or other Logitech mice that support its Flow software, you can transition seamlessly between computers and even operating systems, for doing things like copying and pasting files.

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AT 20,000PKR , the MX Keys feels like an incredible value. Offers very premium-feeling hardware in an attractive package! with a suite of features that’s hard to match in a keyboard from anyone else. Including first-party peripherals from Microsoft and Apple. A perfect price for the upscale businesses of Pakistan.

Logitech MX Master 3

When it comes to mice, there are few companies that can match Logitech’s reputation or record. The MX Master series in particular has won plenty of fans — and for good reason.

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The MX Master 3 doesn’t re-invent the wheel — except that it literally does, in the case of the scroll wheel. Logitech has introduced a new-school wheel with “MagSpeed” technology that switches automatically between fluid scrolling and more fine-grained, pixel-precise control. The company claims the new design is 90% faster and 87% more precise than its previous scroll wheel. Now that is pretty much an impossible claim to verify through standard use. It feels better overall. The scrolling experience- and the claim that it’s now “ultra quiet” is easy to confirm.

Logitech has also tweaked the shape of the mouse!! with a new silhouette it says is better suited to matching the shape of your palm. That new shape is complimented with a new thumb scroll wheel, which has always been a stellar feature of the Master series.

Which again does feel better in actual use, though it’s difficult to put your finger on exactly why. Regardless, it feels better than the Master 2S, and that’s all that really matters.

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In terms of tracking, Logitech’s Darkfield technology is here to provide effective tracking on virtually all surfaces.

. The MX Master 3 gets up to 70 days on a full charge. and you can gain three hours of use from a fully exhausted battery with just one minute of charging.

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Bottom line

Logitech has been the leader in its Keyboard and mouse inventions.

The MX Master 3 is without a doubt the only mouse I’d recommend for most people, especially now that it offers USB-C charging alongside its terrific feature set. Combined, they’re a powerful desktop pair for work, creative and general use.

Logitech’s MX Master 3 mouse and MX Keys keyboard should be your setup of choice

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