Stop account takeovers, go passwordless and modernize your multifactor authentication. Get the world’s leading security key for superior security, user experience and return on investment.

Enterprise-Grade Security for Everyone:

In a Nutshell: The functionality housed within the small, unassuming YubiKey is powerful enough to protect access to account information for anyone — from your neighbor to the world’s largest enterprises. Yubico, the company that invented the YubiKey in 2007, now operates in 160 countries to prevent data breaches and identity theft at the point of access. It does this with a hardware solution that reduces the intricacies of two-factor authentication down to a touch or tap. And because Yubico worked with Google to turn the technology behind the YubiKey into an open standard, stakeholders across the information industry can collaborate in scaling it and increasing its usefulness. For building a simple, cost-effective approach to computing security, Yubico has earned our Editor’s Choice Award™ for Multi-Factor Authentication Products.

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